Island Tigers Energy Corporation

a renewable energy consultancy

What We Do

ITEC’s primary work is project coordination and management services necessary to ensure the successful development of sustainable energy facilities, processes, and or programs.


ITEC’s pricing approach is based on a consulting and coordination fee, structured into the estimated costs for each of a project’s anticipated life-cycle stages.  These include:

a. prospective client feasibility study;

b. site exploration with associated research;

c. site and well(s) bore planning and development;

d. power facility emplacement, construction, development, testing, initialization, and sustainment; and

e. facility testing, production operations, maintenance, and continuous facility life-cycle upgrades and improvements.

The above noted project phases and associated costs vary on a project by project, case by case basis.  Costs can range by a variety of influencing factors. These may include site topography, sub-surface geological conditions, site accessibility and remoteness, and specific client type to name only a few of the myriad of potential parameters that are required to be factored into sustainable energy exploration and development.