Island Tigers Energy Corporation

a renewable energy consultancy

About Us

Company Management Structure

At Island Tigers Energy Corporation (ITEC), we operate as a dedicated project coordination and consulting firm, spearheading essential project governance, oversight, and operational coordination under the leadership of our President and CEO. For specific project needs, we tap into our extensive network of subject matter experts (SMEs), engaging them through subcontracting. In addition, when additional services are required, these are sourced through collaborative joint ventures, facilitated by our comprehensive network of strategic industry partners. Notably, our primary partner in this endeavor is Stromtech Energy Services Ltd, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

ITEC Subsidiaries

A corporate subsidiary is like a "child company" that is controlled by another, larger "parent company." The parent company, in this circumstance Island Tigers Energy Corporation (ITEC), owns and operates several subsidiary firms. Despite being owned by the parent, a subsidiary is a separate legal entity. It has its own finances, operations, and may have its own employees, products, or services. The parent company can control the subsidiary's policies, actions, and management. It can use its influence to make strategic decisions for the subsidiary. Subsidiaries allow a parent company to diversify its business interests. They can enter new markets or industries through subsidiaries while limiting the risks to the overall parent company. ITEC's subsidiaries include:

  1. Hunter Spirit Energy Corporation (HSEC). Dedicated to serving as a business development and technical advisory to the Stoney Nakoda TsuuT'ina Tribal Council ("G4 Group"), HSEC is focused on Indigenous communities' liaison functions primarily in the Southern Alberta region.

  2. Nomad Spirit Journey Inc. (NSJi): Dedicated to a Southern Alberta Residential School research and investigation project as part of the Canadian Government's Missing Children and Unmarked Burials program. NSJi is committed to adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework and to apply its principles, norms, and standards to corporate policy and core operational activities involving Indigenous peoples and their lands and resources.

  3. Spirit Bear Energy Corporation (SBEC): Dedicated to special projects in support of Alberta and British Columbia based Indigenous communities, SBEC is also committed to Canada's Reconciliation Framework.

  4. WestShore Risk Management Foundation (WRMF): The WRMF is dedicated to providing affordable risk management (RM) awareness consultations and basic RM techniques and applications education and training for any small or medium size business, including SOHOs (small office/home office), in the South region of Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada). The WRMF provides in-person, on-site services supported with online, we accessed no-cost knowledge resources. The WRMF is an incorporated not-for-profit foundation.

    President and CEO

Joseph (Reggie) R.R. Letourneau, our President and CEO, brings 35 years of diverse expertise to our team. His background includes roles in hospital management (DND CFMS), GIS mapping and field data collection (AnvilGC, BlueFoxGC), academic leadership (SAIT Polytechnic), enterprise risk management (VIHA), and natural gas well management (AnvilGC). Reg is a Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) and currently serves as a Director on the WestShore Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors.